What game studios need to know about security

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Are you a new game studio about to launch the game of your dreams? Plan for success, but design for scale.

The recent Esports:Hacked research report published by DreamHack and Akamai illustrates how player accounts are valuable targets for cyber attacks. The report shows that more than 50% of gamers have been hacked. Any new game introduced today needs to build on a secure infrastructure from start rather than having to patch it all up later.

As studios start up, they’re thinking, how are we going to make the most awesome game, rather than, how am I going to scale this globally? What happens if I end up with a runaway hit?

How can you build a strong foundation for your games from the start to ensure that both the studio and the players are kept secure from cyber criminals? Listen to the experts: In an upcoming webinar by VentureBeat and Akamai, a panel of top-experts will give hands-on advice to game studios on how to build a strong foundation for a game from the start.

Don’t lose trust - it is your most valuable asset

“Plan for success, but design for scale. What you need to understand, if you’re starting a new studio, is that criminals are highly organized,” says Jonathan Singer, Senior Manager – Global Games Industry, Akamai. “They operate like an enterprise. They have product development that goes into QA. They make feature requests. They have marketing and PR. They spread misinformation through Reddit.”

And what happens if you don’t take security seriously from the start? If your game is compromised in a data breach, your players risk losing access to credit card information, player accounts and in-game assets. As a studio you might also end up losing the trust and user base you’ve worked so hard to build up.  

“’Data breach reveals 14 million gamer accounts’ is not the article you want to appear at the top of your google search results,” Jonathan Singer says. “So you need to think about security ahead of time.”

Build your ideal game studio infrastructure

Register for the free webinar  “From the ground up: Building your ideal game studio infrastructure” on November 19 at 19.00 hrs CET here.


Glen Schofield, Chief Executive Officer, Striking Distance Studios

Emily Greer, Co-founder & CEO, Double Loop Games

James Dobrowski, Managing Director, Sharkmob London

Jonathan Singer, Senior Manager – Global Games Industry, Akamai

Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat (moderator)

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